Author: Matilda Jacke

Personal & Professional Branding Views: 6

5 Personal Branding Ideas to Make You Stand Out in Your Industry

Personal branding is a powerful tool to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and achieve professional growth, build trust with...

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Personal & Professional Branding Views: 8

How to Motivate Yourself: Setting the Right Conditions for Peak Productivity

When you motivate yourself, you can do a lot more than you are doing at the present. You just have to deeply concentrate on yourself to...

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Entrepreneurship & Small Business Views: 10

8 Most Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

The pandemic that attacked in the year 2020 has changed everything and denied every truth. A business, whether it is small or big, has been...

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Gaming Views: 13

The Top Indie Games of 2023: Our Picks for the Year’s Best

In recent years, indie games have taken the gaming world by storm. With their unique and creative gameplay, engaging stories, and stunning...

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10 Of The Best Mindless Mobile Games You Never Knew You Needed

Your phone or tablet has the hardware to support intricate games, the real opportunity of mobile gaming is mindless, play-for-a-minute...

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Gaming Views: 15

Legacy Gaming Platforms: Tips to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Are you tired of the latest gaming trends and looking for a way to relive the classic games of your youth? Look no further than legacy...

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HR, Benefits, & Workplace CultureWork-Life Balance & Mindfulness Views: 8

How Self-Awareness Helps You At Work

Low self-awareness adversely affects everyone in the workplace, and if you are willing to strengthen your teamwork, a great place to start...

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HR, Benefits, & Workplace Culture Views: 8

Measure Employees’ Productivity: 9 Simple But Effective Approaches

A critical aspect of HR is measuring employees’ productivity. To that end, it is not possible to boost any degree of output that is...

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Work-Life Balance & Mindfulness Views: 5

5 Keys That Can Help You Choose The Best Therapist For Your Situation

We have been mulling over a problem for some time and finally decided to ask for help. But once we take the step of going to the therapist,...

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GamingWork-Life Balance & Mindfulness Views: 8

How Gaming Can Play a Positive Role In Gamers’ Mental Health

Peter used to spend as much time as he could with his baby sister playing computer games. Peter continued to play well into adulthood, and...

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