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10 Of The Best Mindless Mobile Games You Never Knew You Needed

Mindless Mobile Games

Your phone or tablet has the hardware to support intricate games, the real opportunity of mobile gaming is mindless, play-for-a-minute activities. When you’re stuck in the doctors’ waiting room or it’s 2 a.m., and you can’t sleep, this is what you do. If you’re tired of Angry Birds and need a change, here are 10 mindless mobile games to keep you occupied.

1. Solitaire City, One of the Best Mindless Mobile Games

I inevitably return to simple Solitaire, no matter how many snazzy new games I download. It’s the perfect game—thoroughly engaging and incredibly satisfying to win. Many Solitaire applications range from simple free-to-play games to complex, flashy variants of the classic card game. Solitaire City is one of my favorite games. It has so many different game kinds, the commercials aren’t too intrusive, and it looks and plays fantastically.

2. Pokémon Go

Although Pokémon Go may not have the massive user population that it first became a national sensation in 2016. There are still many trainers out there catching ‘mon. This is an excellent game to play when you have a few minutes to kill and want to catch a few Pikachus. Plus, it pays you for getting out and walking around your neighborhood and seeing new things. You can interact with other trainers across the world on a social level.

3. Two dots

This beautiful puzzle game is pure simplicity. While relaxing ambient music plays, you join colored dots, and clear stages, and travel through magnificent landscapes. Two Dots is the polar antithesis of many games’ adrenaline-fueled, teeth-clenching experiences. It help’s you relax in the middle of a busy day or switch off your mind before going to sleep. But don’t blame me if you get hooked.

4. Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a crazy car combat game where you battle against computer-controlled drivers while avoiding getting your head crushed. The game will keep you engaged for a long time with its hundreds of levels and quirky vehicles to acquire. It has a variety of game modes, and its rapid match time means you can play whenever you want. If you do not want to cause lifelong rifts in your relationships. You might have to skip out on the head-to-head mode.

5. Habitica

If you’re the kind who says, “I don’t have time for games,” Habitica might be an exception. This mobile app mixes a rudimentary fantasy role-playing game with your to-do list. It allows you to collect gold, points, weapons, and body armor for doing tasks. It even has social play, where you can team up with other chore warriors to complete objectives. You can run errands with others, which is a terrific way to stay on track. Give it a try if you want to make your life more fun.

6. One of The Most Fascinating Best Mindless Mobile Games: Clusterduck

Clusterduck is a fascinating gathering game in which you hatch eggs and raise cute little ducklings. You start with a single egg, but genetic mutations can arise as you breed your hatchlings. More ducks equal more mutations, and your phone will be full of strange and charming ducks. We are talking ducks with swords for heads, ducks with pirate limbs, and ducks with absolutely bald quackers. Clusterduck is a peculiar and addictive little game that’s perfect for a few minutes of mindless mutant duck entertainment.

7. The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times crossword you may know involves spending several hours on a leisurely Sunday testing your brain. The paper’s “mini” crosswords are everyday bite-size pleasures that only take a minute or two to complete. Download the Times crossword app if you enjoy word games but don’t want to get too deep. Daily puzzles are free, but a membership unlocks the whole library of minis and full-scale Times crossword puzzles from decades before.

8. Pinout, Our Favorite in the List of the Best Mindless Mobile Games

Pinout, a game drawing heavily on pinball, takes the old table game to new heights. While waiting for the bus, you send your silver ball through an unending neon pinball machine. It’s always moving upwards, unlocking new sections, scoring millions of points, and essentially killing time. Thanks to its slick, science-fiction aesthetic, flawless mechanics, and simple gameplay, this game is a terrific way to unwind..

9. Donut County

You play as a cheeky raccoon in charge of a hole in the ground in this cartoony physics puzzle game. You direct your hole to devour waste and annoy your forest friends. The hole grows wider and larger until entire buildings vanish into their enigmatic depths. It’s hilarious, addictive, and full of absurd characters and situations. It has fascinating puzzles and a genuine sense of accomplishment from completing stages. It comes highly recommended.

10. Blackbox, The Beautiful Game in Our List Of The Best Mindless Mobile Games

This beautiful, minimalist puzzle game is for you if you’re an “outside the box” thinker yearning for something truly unique. You play every puzzle without touching your screen, which is a gaming mechanic that is surprisingly difficult to grasp. To progress in this inventive, one-of-a-kind game, you’ll be using your iPhone’s microphone, speaker controls, and virtually every feature except the touchscreen.


These seemingly simple games are so entertaining and will help you pass the time away.

In today’s world, where news and information are constantly in your face. It is nice to have something that doesn’t involve you overthinking. So download some of these games but be prepared to find yourself playing for hours on end.

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